Thursday, May 26, 2005

Back to Back Bagels

The Mets haven't scored a run since Monday when they lost the series opener to the Braves. They need to change that, or they could find themselves in a hole that they'll find extremely difficult to get out of. The five game deficit they face isn't insurmountable, but the fact that they have three teams ahead of them makes each game pretty important.

The Mets have a huge four game series down in Miami beginning tonight. Kris Benson is throwing against a rookie, and Pedro throws tomorrow against Brian Moehler, so these are two games we really should win. Saturday's game is one I'd be willing to give up (Ishii vs. Dontrelle Willis), and Sunday's will be a good matchup with Glavine throwing against Josh Beckett.

Carlos Beltran came in to pinch hit yesterday. I know we were only down by three runs, but in the event Carlos finds himself on the DL, this will cost us four games because we could have made the move retroactive to Sunday. I'm hoping he's in the lineup tonight, but we'll see

Go Mets!!


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