Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Just Average

First off, what about Victor Zambrano. Three walks through eight innings means he's going to have one his best outings. Brandon Looper made things interesting by giving up three hits in the ninth, but they escaped the game with a one run win. Jose Reyes had a big game, getting three hits for the second straight game, while stealing three bases. Mike Cameron singled to extend his hitting streak to seven games.

These numbers will change tomorrow by the time most of you read this, but I was checking out the Mets team hitting stats over at the Hardball Times. The first number signifies the Mets number, while the second is the league average. Let's take a look.

Runs Per Game 4.48 vs. 4.48
Batting Average .261 vs. .261
OBP .329 vs. .332
SLG .421 vs. .414
Gross Production Average .253 vs. .253
Pitches per Plate Appearance 3.75 vs. 3.73
Batting Average on Balls in Play .299 vs. 297

There were a few numbers I left out, but all of them were pretty close. The verdict.....the Mets have a league average offense.


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