Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blown Opportunity

The bad news is, the Mets scored a grand total of three runs this weekend. The good news is, we actually walked away with one win. At this stage of the season, every game counts. When you play the mediocre teams like the Giants, you have to come out of that series with at least two of three. Granted, the Mets are missing two of their better hitters, but they have the talent to win.
On Friday, Steve Trachsel made his season debut and what a debut it was. He threw eight innings of two hit ball and struck out six. David Wright accounted for all of the Mets offense with a solo shot in the second. Brandon Looper got the job done with a one run save, his 27th save of the season.

Yesterday, the Mets could only garner four hits off of Jason Schmidt. Jose Reyes scored (after tripling for the fourteenth time this season) on a grounder by Kaz Matsui to account for the only run, and a solid start by Tom Glavine (six innings, four hits, two runs) went to waste.

Today was more of the same. Carlos Beltran scored on a wild pitch but that was the lone Met to cross the plate. This time it was Noah Lowry who shut us down. Kris Benson threw a good which meant nothing.

Mike Piazza returns on Thursday, so he'll catch the tail end of a very important series. Regardless of whether the Phillies win or lose tonight (they're tied 2-2 against the D-backs as we speak), they'll be in sole possession of first place for the Wild Card. Beginning Tuesday, we host those Phillies so while every game is important, this series is simply huge. We could potentially be in lead going into Friday's game (although that's unrealistic because that would mean the Marlins and Astros would both have to go on big skids) or we could be five and a half games back (with a very limited chance of making the post season). Winning two of three is a realistic goal, so that's what this Met's fan is hoping for.


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