Wednesday, October 26, 2005

World Series and Free Agent Thoughts

Things are winding down and the season is almost over. The White Sox are one win away from taking their first World Series since 1917. Some of the individual games have been great to watch, but there hasn't been much drama in many of the series. The Yankees/Angels went to five games, but other then that, the next closest series might have been the Astros/Cardinals which went to six games. If the White Sox win tonight, they'll have gone 11-1 in the playoffs. Not too shabby for a team most people thought would finish in the bottom half of their division.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the Mets last World Series win. To relive the glory days, I'm going to do a day by day diary of the team. One of the people who has helped me a ton with blogging has been Brian over at Tigerblog, and last year, he did a day by day diary of the 1984 Tigers. He followed it up with a look at the 1935 Tigers and the 1975 Reds at Reds Cutting Edge. So if you want to check out what it's going to be like, stop over at one of those two sites. In the meantime, I'll continue with my series on Tom Seaver and by the start of the season, I'm hoping to have the blog on a dedicated URL.

The awards will be announced next month. I expect Pedro Martinez to finish in the top five for the Cy Young, but outside of that, you won't see much activity for Mets players.

Priority number one is getting a good slugging first baseman in the offseason. Paul Konerko is expected to re-sign with the White Sox. Erubiel Durazo is available as well, and if healthy, could provide a much need punch to the lineup. Another option is bringing back Mike Piazza and once again trying to move him to first base. If not, Ramon Hernandez would be a nice fit for the team.
Outside of that, it's slim pickings unless we make a trade. There's a ton of relief pitching available, so hopefully we pick up a solid arm or two as well.


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