Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Carlos Delgado Coming to the Mets

I wouldn't qualify the Cameron/Nady deal as a blockbuster. The Mets getting Carlos Delgado from the Marlins definitely would qualify though. This is huge and while the Mets are giving up Mike Jacobs (and Yusmeiro Petit), they're adding one of the best slugging first base men in the league. The Mets also walk with $7 million (eventually, when the money is going to be paid is still an issue that's on the table).

The last time Delgado didn't hit 30 homeruns was 1996. He also has a great eye at the plate (.393 career OBP). Putting him into a lineup with Carlos Beltran and David Wright is just about unfair.

Talk about some good news for the holidays. You'd have to think that this pushes the Mets into the top spot in the NL East and getting Billy Wagner would be icing in the cake. It looks like the Mets are taking full advantage of the fact that they won't have to pay luxury tax in 2006 (and I'm sure the extra money from the regional sports network doesn't hurt either).


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