Friday, December 09, 2005

Quiet Winter Meetings

After three trades and a big free agent pickup, the Mets were pretty quiet at the winter meetings. They didn't land Manny Ramirez, although he's still in Boston. And I wouldn't mind them going after Miguel Tejada if talks about Ramirez break down.

Regardles, the Mets are way better then they were heading into last year. What I'm also hoping is that the pickup of Carlos Delgado takes some of the pressure off of Carlos Beltran and he can be the player we expected him to be. Probably the biggest reason the Mets didn't nab that wild card is because Carlos Beltran, for lack of a better word, stumbled. This was the first negative Runs Created Above Average (RCAA) season Beltran had since 2000, and this was after two monster years.

So while I hope the Mets aren't done wheeling and dealing, they've made some great progress so far.


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