Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mets Lineup Shaping Up Nicely for 2006 has posted projected starting lineups for all of the teams. While none of this is really a surprise, the Mets lineup is looking good. Here's what I expect the batting order to look like

1) Jose Reyes SS
2) Kaz Matsui 2b
3) Carlos Beltran CF
4) Carlos Delgado 1b
5) Cliff Floyd LF
6) David Wright 3b
7) Paul Lo Duca C
8) Victor Diaz/Xavier Nady RF

It would still be nice if the Mets could somehow land Manny Ramirez and it would be equally good to see Willie Randolph go unconventional and hit Carlos Beltran in the number two spot. As always, wait and see.


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